The Wonderful Art Of Music

Music has been around since the dawn of man. Ever since man could speak, I am pretty sure he was also humming and singing and making all kinds of funny sounds. What with the discovery of his voice and all!

As with any music, it is a form of art. This basically means that some people can be artistically blessed while others spend years perfecting their talent.

Being musically blessed simply means that you have that certain talent to read music, not only read but you are also able to play music that you just happen to hear, be it on the radio or on TV.

I remember my music teacher back in school, he could play on the piano, pretty much any music piece he heard. We even went so far as to test his musical talent and would make up short pieces of music and then see if he could replicate it on the piano – and he did! He was a man of many talents, he could play most musical instruments quite well.

What do we know about the history of music? The fact that the history only goes so far back as the records show – if you look on Wikipedia or the like, you will see music being originated over 55,000 years in Africa. It is my belief that music was likely around much longer than that but it is a theory that cannot be proven.

There was music in pre-historic times, can you imagine a bunch of cavemen singing and banging away on the drums with a flock of dinosaurs behind them?? As funny as this may seem, it could actually be true.

Music makes us happy, it makes us dance, it can also make us laugh, it can make us cry – music is life. Music is so powerful, that it even makes some lights dance, here you will find LED strip ideas to implement around your home to make it come alive. I personally love running to running drumbass music.

People go to musical concerts, you see people on your commute in the morning with headphones on listening to music on their travels. Many of us workout to music! People listening to music at home or in the car. Music is life and life is music.

My Choice In Music

I like listening to light and melodious classical music at night when I am relaxing. It puts me in a relaxed state of mind and takes my mind off the daily struggles and stresses that I often deal with.
Driving, I don’t usually listen to music, I prefer podcasts. Podcasts turn a boring mundane daily drive into a school of learning on wheels. I subscribe to various different podcasts based on my field of work and it is so often that I pick up new a different skills based on my commute! You cant lose with podcasts. Something else you may want to try is Audible by Amazon. These are audio books. Again, very useful to help you learn new and different things.
Gym. The workout music in the gym that I listen to is divided into two categories depending on the type of workout I am doing.
For cardio vascular work, or high intensity training, I have a fast paced music play list. These tracks get me pumped and make me run that extra mile when my energy levels are low. The music here would be dance, something with a good, fast paced beat, something like that is excellent on the treadmill.
For lifting weights, I have an “epic training” play list. This consists of hard hitting beats with an “epic” music to give you that “powerful” feeling. This is awesome when lifting heavy weights.
For driving home on a Friday night, I turn my podcasts off and turn on some Garage music. These tracks are from my teenager days and for me, they are gold. They get me into the weekend mood and helps me put my work, and office behind me. These jumpy, dancy tracks get my endorphins going and are an excellent way to start my weekend!

Musical King, Michael Jackson – A Tribute

One of my earliest memories of music is listening to old Michael Jackson hits like Billie Jean, Bad and Beat It! These are classics even today. You simply cannot listen to any of Michael Jacksons’ tracks without tapping your feet (OK with the exception of Ben, or Heal The World or his other soft tunes).

While Michael Jackson had his own issues – who doesn’t? It is true that he was a musical genius! The man made some amazing music, even upto his final days.

He not only made awesome music, but he could also dance extremely well, sing amazingly and even choreograph his own dance sequences. There are not a lot of artists who can honestly say they do this today.

One of my favourite MJ songs is Dirty Diana, the song has that “concert” feel to it. Even when listening to it in your car or in your home, you feel like you are at a concert in Wembley arena when this tune comes on and it still sounds as awesome as when it was released back in 1987! A friend of mine who used to do some work with the Skyclad Band, inspired the name to me.

I even remember watching his movie, Moonwalker as a child, and I so badly wanted to meet him. That scene where he turns into a robot was just WOW back in the day. The Smooth Criminal song, still sends shivers down my spine. Smooth Criminal has to be one of my all time favourite songs of all time, that diagonal lean was just awesome! I remember attempting that as a child and falling flat on my face sooo many times.  I have even got the Moonwalk perfected now (but I have to be wearing socks and it has to be on a smooth floor – If I get enough requests, I may even put a video up to show off my skills!).

I love MJ, always will – he is the true King of music in my book! May God rest your soul MJ!

My Origin Of Hindi Music

Being of Indian descent, I often enjoy listening to Hindi music – also known as Bollywood music.

I am not sure why the name Bollywood came from but it seems to fit quite nicely.

The difference in Western music and Indian music is minimal Both genres seem to have 2-3 verses all sandwiched by a repetitive and fairly catchy chorus.

Indian music seems to be to be much more melodious and more harmonious than its Western counterpart.

With legends like Mohammad Rafi and Kishore Kumar who, back in the 60’s to early 80’s seem to have set a very strong trend in Indian cinematic music, the Indian industry today is a very loyal following of their work.

Indian music is something you can very easily sing along to and even hum throughout the day, it is very catchy, it is pleasant and soothing.

90% of Indian songs are, in fact, love songs. Where the man or woman conveys their undying love for their significant (or potential) other.

The remaining songs are a mixture of sad songs, religious songs or comical/dance tracks.

Indian cinema is known for having many songs amidst the movie and songs are so popular in India, that on certain movies, the audience actually get up in the cinema and start dancing. Its a form of rejoicing and enjoying a good time. It is not too dissimilar to how you would expect a concert to be in the UK or USA but in the cinema hall.

Today, the Indian music scene has gone very Western and some even say that Indian music has essentially, lost its roots. I believe this to be true to an extent, in that; Bollywood seem to be following whatever trend is set by the Western world.

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