The Wonderful Art Of Music

Music has been around since the dawn of man. Ever since man could speak, I am pretty sure he was also humming and singing and making all kinds of funny sounds. What with the discovery of his voice and all!

As with any music, it is a form of art. This basically means that some people can be artistically blessed while others spend years perfecting their talent.

Being musically blessed simply means that you have that certain talent to read music, not only read but you are also able to play music that you just happen to hear, be it on the radio or on TV.

I remember my music teacher back in school, he could play on the piano, pretty much any music piece he heard. We even went so far as to test his musical talent and would make up short pieces of music and then see if he could replicate it on the piano – and he did! He was a man of many talents, he could play most musical instruments quite well.

What do we know about the history of music? The fact that the history only goes so far back as the records show – if you look on Wikipedia or the like, you will see music being originated over 55,000 years in Africa. It is my belief that music was likely around much longer than that but it is a theory that cannot be proven.

There was music in pre-historic times, can you imagine a bunch of cavemen singing and banging away on the drums with a flock of dinosaurs behind them?? As funny as this may seem, it could actually be true.

Music makes us happy, it makes us dance, it can also make us laugh, it can make us cry – music is life. Music is so powerful, that it even makes some lights dance, here you will find LED strip ideas to implement around your home to make it come alive. I personally love running to running drumbass music.

People go to musical concerts, you see people on your commute in the morning with headphones on listening to music on their travels. Many of us workout to music! People listening to music at home or in the car. Music is life and life is music.